White Multi-Clutch Alignment Tool for 2-180 4-180 4-225 -270 Tractor

Rego Engineering

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This is our NEW Machined Aluminum Clutch Alignment Tool that will save a lot of time and frustration when installing the clutch for many large framed White tractors that use multiple clutch assemblies.  We made this tool after finding ourselves battling to get the clutch, pilot bearing, and over/under input shaft lined up.  This tool saved us time and reduced the chance of damaging components.  This tool has a slight slip fit into the pilot bearing and then aligns against the ID of the clutch splines.  It is intended for use with the 27 spline clutches found on Oliver/White 4-180, 4-210 & 4-225 and others plus it will work with the large frame Olivers with single 27 Spline clutches .  It measures 14 inches long with a partial handle to make it easier to assemble your clutches. 


This great tool is machined out of solid American made aluminum bar stock and is MADE IN THE USA (Wisconsin).   

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