Oliver 1755 1855 1955 2255 2-85 2-105 2-150 Tractor Hydraulic Pump Shield Cover

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Our New Replacement M-30-3023710 Hydraulic System Shield Cover is for Oliver 1755, 1855, 1955, 2255 and White 2-150, 2-85, 2-105 tractors. The second photo shows this shield mounted on our Oliver 1755 (sorry but this is our working tractor--not a show machine). This replaces Oliver/White part #30-3023710, Shield (for reference only). This is the shield that protects your hydraulic pump and fitting/hosed under the platform on the clutch petal side of the platform. It is a duplicate not only of the dimensions of the part, but relief cut geometry and radii, bend radii, number of spot welds, spot weld locations, and material thickness. What this means to you is once you install our cover, it will difficult to determine that it is anything but an original part that came on your tractor.  Included with your shield is 4 SEMS fasteners which have captive external tooth lock washers just like the originals used by Oliver/White. This will make the look of this shield as close to factory installed as possible.


Maple Springs Farm manufactured this shield in its own shop located in the heart of the Midwest. We take great pride in making the absolute highest quality replacement parts available because we really do farm and know what quality is necessary to keep our machines running. As a result, we welcome any comments or feedback you have regarding ways we can improve our products along with any ideas you may have for other products needed to complete your restoration. Thank you for looking!

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