OLIVER TRACTOR FWA Drive Shaft Cover Assembly 1650 1655 1755 1855 1950T 1955

Rego Engineering

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Maple Springs Farm is now offering a NEW Replacement Front Wheel Assist Drive Shaft Cover/Shield Assembly. These are often missing from tractors and will add a detail not often seen on tractors. These assemblies will fit the following tractors with mechanical FWA: 1650, 1655, 2/78, 4/78, 1755, 1855, 1950T and 1955 built after serial number 147569. It consists of the following replacement parts:

30-3002950 Shield (S/N 147569>)

30-3003019 Front Support Bracket (S/N 147569>)

30-3002985 Rear Support Bracket (S/N 147569>)

30-3002977 Rear Bracket (S/N 147569>)

Plus all mounting hardware (all part numbers are for reference only)

     Like the other parts we manufacture, it has all the correct holes machined into it and all the plated hardware. This part is reverse engineered to match the dimensions, radii, and chamfers of the original Oliver part. This is a very nice piece and would be a great final touch to your restoration. These Covers are produced in the USA and are bare steel--no paint or primer.

Thank you for looking! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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