RIGHT SIDE PANEL FOR OLIVER 1755, 1855 & 1955 (SN220,000>) TRACTORS

Rego Engineering

SKU: M-30-301635

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Our NEW M-30-301635 Replacement SIDE PANEL is for Oliver 1755, 1855 & 1955 (SN220,000>) tractors. This side panel replaces Oliver/White part number 30-301635, PANEL, RIGHT UPPER (for reference only). This is the Panel that fits under the hood on the brake petal side of the tractor. Please check for the right part number, this one is 53 1/2" long X 8 5/8" high. This Panel  has all the correct holes machined into it though there are a few versions of tractors that may require an additional hole. This part is reverse engineered to match the dimensions, radii, and chamfers of the original Oliver part. This is a very nice piece and would be a great final touch to your restoration.

These panels are produced in the USA.

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