Oliver Hydraulic Console Trim 1755 1855 1955 2255 Tractors M-30-302533

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Our M-30-302533 Hydraulic Counsel Trim Piece is a hand crafted duplicate of the Oliver 30-3025233 hydraulic console trim piece (for reference only) that fits 1755, 1855, 1955 and 2255 Oliver tractors.  These trim pieces are 100% made in the USA in our own shop with our own exclusive aluminum tooling which provides unprecedented accuracy and detail.  Our part features:
  • Plastic construction - just like the original's.
  • Exact duplication of the original part's exterior geometry.  We reverse engineer all dimensions, angles, radii, fillets, etc.
  • Wrinkle texture just like the original's had.
  • Exact duplication of original's material thickness.
  • Deep gloss black color - just like the original's.
  • Solid color - no paint or pigment to scratch off.
  • 3M ultra high bond adhesive bonding strip.
  • A 100% match to our dash trim in terms of color, texture and material. 

These pieces are extremely rare since most fell off soon after the tractors were put to work.  Often all that is left is a few trace amounts of adhesive residue.

We also have this listed with the Dash Trim Piece at a special price for the Combo--worth looking into if you need both!

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