No-Mess Spin-On oil filter adapter fits Ford 9N, 2N and 8N tractors

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This is our "No Mess" spin on oil filter adapter for the Ford 9N 2N 8N tractors.  This is a direct bolt on replacement for the messy original equipment canister filter.  The key attributes of this adapter are:

  1. Filter is orientated in the vertical direction.  Unlike the original filter or horizontal adapters, the oil is kept within the filter during filter changes for a virtually zero mess filter change.
  2. By orientating the filter vertically, the user can easily "prime" the oil filter by filling with oil prior to installation.  Once an engine is started an empty filter will rob oil pressure from the rest of the engine until it is full.  This filter adapter addresses that issue.
  3. A vertically orientated filter will remain full once the engine is shut off.  Upon restart, the filter does not need to refill allowing the engine to build full oil pressure faster thus helping to reduce engine wear that occurs during start up.
  4. The sealing surface between the filter and adapter has been face milled in a single pass to ensure a flat and smooth sealing surface to prevent leaks and seeps.  Extruded aluminum can vary in flatness and often has scrapes and scuffs on the surface.  Ensure that the filter adapter you buy has been face milled for the highest level of sealing integrity.
  5. The adapter has a 1/16" (.062") diameter orifice built in to prevent the filter from robbing more than it's fair share of oil from the rest of the system and maintaining lube system balance.  This is the same size orifice used on the original Ford filter housing.
  6. The oil enters on the right side (facing the engine) and exits out the left side like the original.  The oil flow through the spin on filter is from the outside of the pleats to the inside of the pleats. 
  7. The ports are threaded with 1/8" NPT threads which will allow you use the original Ford fittings.
  8. Made in USA out of American made Kaiser 6061-T6 aluminum.
  9. Pays for itself with the savings associated with using more commonly available spin on filters.
  10. The threaded steel spud is threaded with 3/4-16 threads.  This allows you to use the following filters (and this is just a short list):
  • Fram:  PH16, PH7, PH43
  • AC Delco:  PF56, PF13, PF20, PF34
  • Fleetguard:  LF785, LF655, LF580, LF689
  • Baldwin: B34, B74, B163, B233
  • John Deere:  TY9427, TY22047, TY15592
  • Motorcraft:  FL5, FL787
  • Napa:  1084, 1085

*******Please note that different fasteners than the original will be required to mount this adapter and some modifications to the original oil lines will be required (one is too long).  It is the responsibility of the user and operator to ensure adequate oil pressure is being generated by the engine before and after adapter installation to prevent engine damage.*******

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