Cummins 4B & 6B Rotary Pump ANGLE TACH DRIVE ADAPTER KIT 3905217 + Drives & Seals

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This is a New Engine Take off Adapter Angle Drive KIT used on Cummins 3.9L or 5.9L "B" series engines & other Cummins engines.  THIS WILL ONLY WORK WITH ROTARY INJECTION PUMPS!  Inline pumps requires some modifications--call us.  This KIT INCLUDES:

3905217 Angle Adapter Drive (New)

3918215 Hub (NEW)

3905306 Adapter (NEW)

3915800 Gasket (O-ring) (NEW)

3903475 Seal (NEW)

Metric bolts and washers (NEW)

ALL PARTS except the bolts are Genuine Cummins parts.  The Tach Drive is BRAND NEW as are all the other parts included. 

We use these on the Cummins engine conversions we make in Oliver and White tractors to be able to a working hour meter/tach on the finished tractor.  It is also used in a number of other applications like Jeep conversions or just updating another Cummins application.

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