Troy-Bilt HORSE Bare Tine Shaft with Keys Only

Maple Springs Farm

SKU: M-GW-1026A Bare Shaft
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This listing is for a NEW Troy-Bilt HORSE Tiller Tine Shaft with woodruff key and side keys to return you tiller to like new condition.   These were used on many Horse tillers with serial numbers 1001 through 600009 PLUS most Horse III models.   This shaft includes:    

1 M-GW-1026A Tapered Tine Shaft

1 M-GW 1104 1Tine Shaft Woodruff Key

2 M-7GW-9301 Tine Shaft Keys

All these parts are Made in USA except some of the axles are made in Korea.  

Please look at the photos to see what you are buying 

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