Trivet Rubber Replacement Feet Bumpers 1/4" ID 7/16" OD Pack of 24 MADE IN USA

Maple Springs Farm

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This a package of Twenty Four (24) high quality MADE IN USA Rubber Feet/Bumpers that can be used to replace old worn out plastic or rubber feet on various trivets of all types. They are easy to install and stay on well. These rubber feet prevent the trivets feet from scratching wood, granite, and other countertop surfaces. They fit several different size and shaped feet and bring life back to your favorite trivets.

Bumper height is 7/16" with an outer diameter of 7/16"; inside diameter is 15/64" with an inside depth of 3/8" · These are High Quality, MADE IN THE USA thick rubber feet that protect surfaces from scratching and marking · Replacement feet slip on easily and stay on and they work with various styles of trivet feet

These bumpers have many other uses for things with  a 1/4" post on them that you want to protect!


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