Oliver Tractor 7/8" Brake Ball Set of Six for 55 Super 55 550 2-44 M-7A2606

McMaster Carr

SKU: M-7A2606
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This listing is for a set of 6 (six) 7/8" Brake Actuating Balls to replace the rusty steel balls on your tractors' brake unit. A complete tractor brake update will require 1 of these sets. This Set of Brake Actuating Balls is a replacement for AGCO part number 7A2606, Ball - Actuating Disc, 7/8" Diameter (for reference only) that will fit Oliver 55, 550 Super 55 and 2-44 tractors and probably others if the sizes match up. Please measure your Actuating Balls to make sure that 7/8" is the right size. These are E52100 Alloy Steel Balls, Grade 25--extremely hard. 

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