Farmall/IH Spin On Oil Filter Conversion Base W/Gasket H M MV MTA 400 W400 450 W450 Tractors NEW

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Fits:  FARMALL/IH H, M, MV, MTA, (Super M MTA),400, W400, 450, W450

Now available from Maple Springs Farm is a Farmall spin on filter conversion kit to replace the original cartridge filter assembly.  While other adapters simply use generic "bypass" filters and rely on whatever oil metering is designed into those filters, we took a different approach.  We started by selecting one of the most readily available, lowest cost, and highest efficiency spin on filter that is appropriately sized for this application.  This ended up being the Cummins 5.9L/6.7L filters.  Then, using flow bench and on-tractor testing, we've calibrated the orifice of our adapter to provide the same restriction as the original filter and housing ensuring a true 100% drop in solution.

A little more on why we built our design around the Cummins 5.9L/6.7L filter.  In addition to being economical and readily available, there are several extremely high-quality filter options that are available for the Cummins application.  Unlike many years ago where a bypass filter was often needed to get fine particle scrubbing action, today's synthetic medias are often so good that they not only function as a full flow filter, but also capture very small particles and act as a bypass filter.  This is part of the reason why today's engines last longer, with longer oil change intervals, but typically do not include bypass filters.  Because of this, a modern diesel filter lends itself perfectly to be retrofitted into an older bypass filter system. 
Several of our recommended filters are:

Donaldson Blue DBL7349 (our favorite)
Fleetguard LF16035 (with synthetic Stratapore media)
Fram Toughguard TG3976A
Fram Ultra Synthetic  XG3976A
Wix 57620XP

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