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We will be happy to build a NEW #123208 12V High Torque Planetary Gear Reduction Starter replaces the stock DELCO 1114156 Starter and will increase your cranking speed about 20% on OLIVER 2255 tractors with the Caterpillar 3208 636 cubic inch DIESEL engines. It is a direct replacement for the stock starter with a 12 tooth pinion gear and normally requires no modifications to install. This 38 pound starter will start even modified pulling engines--the planetary gear reduction really amplifies the torque needed for starting these and stock engines. Since this is brand new, there is no core charge or need to return your original starter. Perfect for pullers and engines with increased displacement or compression. Also a great way to increase your cranking speed when using your tractor in winter.

Please watch the video below for a back to back comparison study of our starter against a stock Delco on our Oliver 1755 diesel tractor--You will see the same difference with your tractor.

**Note that results may vary depending upon the health of both your engine and starting system.


 Our starters come with A 1 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTEE. These are a nicely cast and machined starter with double ball bearings and seals--the best we could find!  We do stand behind them.

Thank you for looking! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have--either email us or call (608) 658-2072 during business hours



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