Battery Box FRONT COVER DOOR for Oliver 2050 & 2150 Tractors M-167135A

Rego Engineering

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This M-167135A Replacement of the Battery Box Front Cover for Oliver 2050 and 2150 tractors.  This replaces Oliver/White part number 167135A, DOOR (for reference only).  This Cover/Door covers the batteries on both sides of the tractor.  It measures 22 5/8" X 12 3/8".

It is a duplicate not only of the dimensions of the part, but relief cut geometry and radii, bend radii, number of spot welds, spot weld locations, and material thickness. What this means to you is once you install our cover, it will difficult to determine that it is anything but an original part that came on your tractor. This will make the look of this cover as close to factory installed as possible. These Covers are primed steel. Maple Springs Farm manufactured this shield in its own shop located in the heart of the Midwest.

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