Tips for Sourcing Parts

For this edition’s discussion, we will first begin with tips for sourcing parts for a Cummins conversion.  Since it can sometimes be challenging to find a donor engine which is ideally configured, some replacement components will likely be needed.  To help find new and used parts, a great resource is the parts search function on  On the left side of their homepage is a link entitled “part search.”  By following this link, it is possible to perform a nationwide search of dealerships and salvage yards by part number and also by equipment model number. For example, this tool could be used to find all the salvage yards which have parted out a 2-105 over the past year.

Ebay is also another great place to search for parts.  One tip to help gather the desired components is to create a “saved search.” Once a saved search is established, Ebay will send an email notification once a listing matching the saved search criteria is posted.

Of course, performing a Google search is also a great way to find parts and part sources. Note that when searching for AGCO/White “30-XXXXXXX” part numbers, it is beneficial to search both with and without the “-” to broaden the search results. For example, when searching for flywheel part number 30-3429652, searching for both “30-3429652” and “303429652” will yield different search results.

Due to the large number of CaseIH applications that used the B series Cummins, salvaged CaseIH equipment can be a goldmine for the parts required for a conversion.  A tip for finding applicable CaseIH parts is to remove the “3” which is in the front of the Cummins part number and replace it with a “J” to generate the equivalent CaseIH number.  Note that this will not work for every instance, but is a good option to try. Since there are often multiple Cummins or CaseIH part numbers for essentially identical parts, one way to help expand your search of CaseIH part numbers is to use Messick Farm Equipment's website  Searching for a CaseIH part number on their website will yield a list of related or historical part numbers for any given CaseIH part number. Messicks website will provide pricing and also allow for CaseIH parts to be ordered online and shipped directly to your door.

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