Mating the Engine to the Over Under/Hydrapower

What has enabled the Cummins B series engines to be easily implanted into White/Oliver applications was Oliver's use of a standard SAE 3 flywheel/clutch housing interface on a number of models. Using the SAE 3 flywheel housing, flywheel, etc. has several advantages:


  1. Parts Availability – Since most of the components needed to mount an over-under or hydrapower to a Cummins B series are borrowed from the White 100 Series tractors, adjustments, fastener torques, and service procedures can be had by referencing the B series powered White 100 Series models. In addition, any service parts are readily available from any number of sources including your local AGCO dealer and the aftermarket.

  2. Successful Combination of Components – It's important to think of performing a conversion as integrating a complex component into a much larger and also complex series of systems. An engine with a track record of good reliability can very easily become unreliable or render the vehicle unreliable if a conversion is not approached correctly, and system interactions are not considered. From my own personal experiences as an engine engineer, I can attest to the considerable amount of engineering and testing that goes into properly matching an engine to drive train and verifying its reliability. Engineering details such as proper inertia match to minimize torsional vibration transfer are key, and if done incorrectly, can have an adverse effect on durability. Due to the reliability demonstrated by the thousands of the B series powered White tractors that were produced, we know with a high level of confidence that the selection of components discussed in this article will successfully mate the B series Cummins to the Oliver/White drive train.

  3. Structural Stiffness – The SAE flywheel and clutch housings are made from substantial aluminum and iron castings with adequate capability to support both the engine and over-under/hydrapower.


A Picture Of a White 100 Series Flywheel


Flywheel Housing


The flywheel housing is the component that bolts directly to the engine and surrounds the flywheel. Cummins offers several SAE 3 housing configurations with differing starter and mounting flange configurations. Generally the best option for a conversion is the flywheel housing with a high mount starter and three universal mounting pads on both the driver's and passenger's side of the housing.


The Cummins SAE 3 Flywheel Housing with High Mount Starter


When mounting the flywheel housing to the engine, it is critical that the two hollow dowel pins are used to align the housing to the engine. We frequently see used engines and flywheel housings with one or both of the hollow dowels missing. Do not rely on the bolt clearance holes to provide proper alignment of the flywheel housing to the engine. When properly aligned, the housing ID should have less than 0.008” total indicated runout (TIR) relative to the crankshaft rotational axis. The mating face also should have less than 0.008” variation when indicated relative to the crankshaft. This alignment is critical to minimizing input shaft spline wear. Even small misalignment will cause minute motion between the input shaft and the clutch to occur with every revolution, hence causing accelerated wear on the splines.


Showing the Flywheel Housing Alignment Dowel in Green and Missing Dowel in Red

Showing the Flywheel Housing Alignment Dowel in Green and Missing Dowel in Red


Clutch Housing


To mate the over-under or hydrapower to the SAE flywheel housing, a used Oliver/White SAE 3 clutch housing will be required. These can be sourced from any Oliver/White tractors that were powered by Cummins, Perkins, Detroit, or Hercules engines. It should be noted that for certain conversions, this housing will need to be rotated upside down to achieve proper clutch throw-out bearing movement. In these situations, reworking the throw-out shaft lever arm will also be required.


The Oliver White SAE 3 Clutch Housing


AGCO/White CaseIH Cummins
White 100 Series Flywheel 30-3429652
Replacement Ring Gear 30-3456153
Flywheel Cap Screw (Qty 8) (M12-1.25 X 32) 30-3439046 J901395 3901395
Hardened Flywheel Cap Screw Washer (Qty 8) 30-3438821 J900269 3900269
Flywheel Housing to Block Cap Screw (Qty 8) (M12-1.75 X 40) 30-3438694 854-12040 3920447
Flywheel Housing Alignment Dowel (Qty 2) (18mm OD X 10mm Long) 30-3454487 J900956 3900068
SAE 3 Flywheel Housing with High Mount Starter 30-3456145 J903282, J931627, 1495698, 1495184, 153648952, 3903282, 3937426, 3931627, 75320420, 76192041, 76193314, 76194581 3902256, 3931627, 3937426, 3975179, 3903282
Pilot Bearing (Bearing Number 6008-2rs (Bore: 1.575" Outside Diameter: 2.677" Width: .591") 72160313
Pilot Bearing Retaining Ring 944056
Throwout Bearing (2.25” ID, 3.8” OD, .8” Thick. Verify Fitment Prior to Ordering) 104810A, 30-3056287, 72160065
14” Clutch Plate (Standard Duty 6 Pad and Heavy Duty 8 Pad are Available) (27 Spline) 72160745 *Note that clutch plates with 19 spline for 16XX, 15XX, and 2-70 tractors can be custom made. Contact Maple Springs Farm to discuss options.
White 100 Pressure Plate 30-3445488
White 120/140 Pressure Plate 72161849
PTO Drive Hub (17 Spline) (Used for 17XX/2-85 and Larger Oliver/Whites ) 303429644
PTO Drive Hub (12 Spline) (Used for 15XX/16XX/2-70 Oliver/Whites) 303420116
SAE 3 Clutch Housing Used on Models 1850, 1950, 2050, 2150, 2-85, 2-88, 2-105, 2-110, 2-135/2-155 Serial Number 292563 and before (7/8” Lever Shaft) (Available Used Only) 30-3345386 (Previously 158660A)
SAE 3 Clutch Housing Used on Models 2-135/2-155 Serial Number 292564 and Later (1 1/4” Lever Shaft)(Available Used Only) 30-3334694
SAE 3 Clutch Housing Used on Models White 100, 120, 125, 140, 145 (1 1/4” Lever Shaft w/ Needle Bearings)(Available Used Only) 30-3445704
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