Clutches and Starters

Clutch/Pressure Plate


The White 100 Series tractors utilized a 14” clutch that has several interchangeable variants. Clutch plates are available in a 6 pad and an extended life 8 pad configuration. The pressure plate that is used is a heavy duty industrial Rockford/Lipe style. Three different pressure plate options are available with either 15, 18, or 21 springs. The lower tension pressure plates will have reduced release force, but also have reduced holding force.

14 Inch Rockford Style Heavy Duty Pressure Plate


14 Inch, 6 Pad, 27 Spline Clutch Plate


It should be noted that in order to use the 100 Series 14” clutch plate, a 27 spline over-under or hydra power input shaft will be required from a 17XX or larger tractor. Custom clutch plates can be fabricated by most competent clutch shops if retaining a 19 spline input shaft from 15XX, 16XX, or 2-70 tractor is desired.


PTO Drive Hubs


Two variants of PTO drive hubs exist depending upon PTO drive shaft spline count. For 15XX, 16XX, 2-70 tractors, the White American 60/80 drive hub provides the correct 12 spline drive. For converting the larger series of tractors, a 17 spline drive hub from the White 100 Series tractors is used. One important thing to note is that the White American 60/80 drive hub will need to be bushed in order to accept the smaller input shaft pilot bearing needed if a 19 spline input shaft is retained on 15XX, 16XX, 2-70 tractors. This bushing is not required if the over-under input shaft and front cover are converted over to the 27 spline shaft.

17 Spline PTO Drive Hub




For a starter, the same starter used on the White 100 Series tractor should be sourced.

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