Accessories (Tach Drives, Starting Aids, A/C)

Tachometer Drives


When using a mechanically driven tachometer, parts are available both from CaseIH and Cummins for a B series engine to allow such a tachometer to be driven.  This tachometer drive is installed into the front timing gear cover and is a 90 degree drive (total speed reduction relative to crankshaft speed is 2:1).  In some situations, a longer tach drive cable will be required to reach the drive.  The cable from a White 2-135/155 is a good option when additional cable length is needed to reach the tachometer drive.  Note that certain Perkins applications used a 1:1 drive ratio and will require a different tachometer to work with the Cummins 2:1 tach drive.

The  mechanical tachometer drive shown installed on the front timing gear cover
The mechanical tachometer drive kit offered by CaseIH and Cummins


Air Conditioning Compressor Mounting


Components to mount a Sanden style compressor are available to place the compressor on top of the cylinder head on the drivers side.  This configuration drives the compressor with a V belt which is driven by a pulley that gets sandwiched between the serpentine pulley and the fan hub spacer installed on the fan hub.


An image of the v belt pulley used to drive an air conditioner pump


Cold Starting Aids


In northern climates, some form of starting aid is usually required to start a diesel engine during cold ambient conditions. In pickups, the B series engines were equipped with an electrical grid heater to warm the air entering into the intake manifold. This is a viable option, but may limit the number of off the shelf air intake piping options. Another option is to install a factory ether starting kit. Although ether sometimes has a bad reputation, when used properly with a factory engineered ether system, the risk of engine damage is low. In fact, with some modern large displacement engines, the engine's electronics will monitor crankshaft speed after a cold start and administer ether even while the engine is running to improve cold idle stability and reduce white smoke.

The A172900 ether injection nozzle avaliable from CaseIH
The ether starting kit used by CaseIH on B series Cummins engines when a cold weather starting aid is required


CaseIH Part Number Cummins Part Number
Oil Fill Tubes Block Mounted Oil Fill Tube J911696 3911696
Oil Fill Tube Cap A77424
AC Compressor Mounting Sanden AC Compressor Mount from CaseIH 1640 Combine A189290
Tensioner Arm 87306665
V Belt J911574
V Belt Pulley A184596
Ether Injection System Ether Nozzle A172900
Tubing 72” Cut to Length 1954063C1
Ether Canister Holder/Solenoid 87105749
Canister to Hose Fitting 289970C91
Tachometer Drive Tachometer Drive J905217 3905217
Gasket J915800 3915800
Hub J905306 3905306
Adapter J918215 3918215
Gasket J903475 3903475
Washer (Qty 2) T103877
Bolt (M6x12) (Qty 2) 86977726
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